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Hermes History

Hermes - Brand Introduction
      Hermes is well-known in Paris France for manufacturing high horse goods, and after the launch of luggage, clothing, scarves, perfumes, enamel jewelry and household goods, the brand then has fully diversified.


      Hermes silk scarf subject, making all the products to the essence and beauty, impeccable, is the consistent aim of Hermes. Hermes has 14 products, including leather goods, bags, scarves, men and women clothing line, perfume, watches and so on, most of them are hand-crafted. No wonder these products called Hermes have been well recognized as profound thinking, high quality, content rich, exquisite works of art.


      Hermes established its brand based on its consistent high-end, high quality and unique French principle of easy style, on this basis into the pop factor, which is the reason why the  product never lose appeal. Maintaining the high quality classic with first-class production technology, durable and practical performance and simple elegant and exquisite combination of elegance, Hermes is not only the identity, status symbol, but also can make your life known as the timeless fashion thing .

      Hermes, founded in 1837, manufactured a high quality horse goods and started to get involved in senior clothing from the beginning of the 20th century. Since the fifties and sixties of last century, they launched perfume, suits, shoes, jewelry, porcelain and other products across a full range of life grade representative. All Hermes products are the finest selection of advanced materials, focusing on decorative, detail exquisite, with its excellent quality and has won a good reputation.



Hermes - Brand History
1)Brand meaning
      Hermes logo is the use of trademarks which inspired the museum Hermes by Alfredde Dreux watercolor painting from which the groom staying by a small two-seater Victorian carriage waiting for his master. The founder of Hermes have been inspired from this painting. It also immediately became decoration perfume Caleche logo. The reason why such a pattern deliberately used as a trademark, of course, is because of the origin of the company and the carriage era tradition, the other is to put a spotlight "Hermes of the highest quality products” to their trademark. But how the performance of belonging to the style of the self depends on their own customers. " This means that no one in the carriage of products that Hermes can really control the horse (perfect use of the product), it is the customer themselves”. This can be seen without grandstanding Hermes products introverted character.

2)Venture History
      1801 -1878 Hermes founded the Hermes harness manufacturing company in Paris is the first time in 1837, by Thierry HERMÈS (1801-1878 year) founded in Paris. Later, the French emperor Napoleon III and Russia have become their customers. Thierry's grandson, is head of the third generation of Emile-Maurice HERMÈS (1871 -1951year) of territory to the cause of keratosis towards more business. In the 1890's, basing on the harness technology, to produce the first Hermes bag Sac haut-à-croire. Watch launched in 1927. Since then, clothing, jewelry and accessories, perfume, carried out one after another to expand their production department. All product design, manufacturing and selling all within the overall planning by the company, single-handedly and not leave the hands of others.

      In 1920, Hermes actively expand handbags, travel bags, gloves, belts, jewelry, notebooks, watches, ashtrays, scarves and other production line, also opened its first overseas stores in New York , entering another milestone. After 1950s,Robert DUMAS take over the company, extended a perfume, ties, suits, shoes, jewelry, bath towels, porcelain, jewelry, men and women clothing, watches and desk accessories series and other new products so that truly spans the whole Hermes on behalf of the taste of life orientation. In 1975,John Lobb shoe factory authorized the other, including boots, fabric, hats with excellent brand have been recruited toHermes International Group. In Hermes 14 business, according to order of importance, leather products top, followed by silk and garments, ranked fourth tab, and then the perfume, cutlery, gold and silver utensils, crystal and jewelry


Hermes - Brand Classic

1)Hermes scarves
      It is said that it will be sold a Hermes scsrf around the world every 38 seconds. In 1937, triggered by the jockey jacket designed with inspiration called "President and the bus," the first Hermes scarf was born. Since then, 12 of Hermes design each year, it has been more than 100 styles of scarf presented in front of the world. Many classic designs, such as "Ex-Libris", "BridesdeGala" and so, after re-color and still very popular, enduring. Each scarf by various barriers, would take 18 months. In recent years, Hermes love theme design for a small scarf, tells a vivid story of worlds, creating another legend of Hermes.

2)Kelly Handbag
      Kelly bag is base on the maiden surname of Princess Grace Kelly Monaco, named "Kelly bag." Each Kelly bag, by the procurement staff from the annual auction of global procurement to the finest leather, each piece of leather, after selection of only the best part of the election. Sewing handbags carried throughout by a master, compiled on the number, engraved with the names of craftsmen, a boutique was born. To have a kelly bag, book at least half a year, even the last British Princess Diana, have to wait to get her love of the valuable blue ostrich skin handbag. Some even have to wait six to seven years, and its speculation market price has reached $ 60,000 or more. Kelly bag each with a variety of models, respectively, including 28cm, 32cm, 35cm, 40cm, and mini-size and other specifications, as many as 33 kinds of materials, colors, over 209 kinds.


3)Birkin Handbag
      The process of hand-made in 1986, the fifth president of France Jean-Louis Dumas aircraft occasional actress Jane Birkin, and she introduced for this classic design. The form of more leisure than the Kelly bag, material and color selection is greater. Autumn and winter of 2004, Gaultier maked Birkin bag's design will be an extension of a new scale: horizontal rectangular shoulder Birkin bag.

      Birkin bag has 4 sizes, 90 different materials and colors, mostly leather cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, and more precious crocodile leather, ostrich and lizard skin. Prices from 50,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan range. Even this high price, but also experience a long wait for custom. Because each bag is hand-made master, a bag completion time of 3 months, 6 months to 1 year after check arrival. BIRKIN every product, Seiko secret agents have to be a craftsman for 18 hours, and then compiled on the number, engraved with the names of artisans, so each is unique.

      Hermes has a variety of today's more than 80 kinds of products subsidiary, engaged in the production of wholesale and retail and logistics management, and form three major Hermes, that HERMÈS Sellier (leather goods), La Montre HERMÈS (watches) and HERMÈS Parfums (perfume), and has offices around the world. Hermes in the world with around two hundred specialty stores, 56 retail counters, in order to maintain the consistent taste and keep the image of Hermes, all product design, the pattern of the design of each store, even the display cases are original custom in France, was flown to the country, expected to keep the century-old insisted.

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