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News > Hermes Spring and Summer New Product Series Released in 2019

Hermes Spring and Summer New Product Series Released in 2019

In the tranquil and deep traditional courtyard, Hermes creates a busy city street scene at will, people with a leisurely mood, in the seemingly ordinary life, re-search familiar fragments of life with a new perspective, experience the surprise of every detail: colorful, dazzling Ferris wheel annotates different urban rhythm; On the bench, the scattered high-heeled shoes and handbags seemed to imply that their owners were enjoying their leisure time not far away; in the garden, hollowed-out sandals and chic bags formed a unique landscape; a merry-go-round horse with a silk scarf was ready to start; approaching the grocery store, men's clothes with unique designs and proper tailoring immediately attracted people's attention; and in the flea market, they could buy them. Not only classical periodicals, but also gorgeous and elegant ties to be picked up...

Entering the courtyard, there is a Ferris wheel showing Hermes'main products this season. These include CHERCH-MIDI bags, SWIFT calf leather embroidery wallet, CITYHALL men's briefcase, the latest season's creative shoes and footwear, and accessories for casual walkers designed by Hubert de Watrigant, a famous French artist who paints horses.

In the fragrance exhibition area, there are five Hermes'new home fragrance series "Dream Fragrance Atmosphere": "Des PAS sur la neige", "Temps de pluie", "Fentre ouverte", "Champ libre" and "Galloping Horse". The five fragrance atmospheres are in elephant gray, grey green and lake blue, respectively. In the sulphur yellow and pumpkin orange cups, a row of rows brings a wonderful encounter between perfume and life art.

Walking forward, they come to the ladies'bags and footwear area, as if to Paris "Valentine's Bridge". The classic ladies' bags, unique footwear and accessories constitute a unique landscape, capturing the details of ordinary life in dribs and drabs.

Ladies'bags, shoes and footwear are placed freely, as if ladies are slightly tired. They put down their handbags temporarily, take off their shoes, take a leisurely walk in the near future, and enjoy the beauty and romance of life freely.

Hermes brand-new lady accessories with passionate colors, for the modern lady wandering in the meantime winding a beautiful way.

The new package with bright scarf bears Hermes'unremitting pursuit and precipitation of beauty for a hundred years.

Hermes Spring and Summer Women's Wear Series is displayed in a small pavilion. The beige-white double-sided summer cashmere jacket is lightweight and elegant, and the casual rolled-up sleeves are chic and casual, while the white fine cotton linen collar shirt exposed by the sleeves highlights the delicacy contained in the casualness, with light gray-brown light wool trousers with narrow legs, easy to wield. A pair of Brown Sandals climbed on the exposed ankle, revealing charm in elegance and competence.

Turning around the women's wear area, the swimwear series of Hermes this season is displayed in the swimming pool. Hermes'extreme pursuit of quality can also be seen here, even a beach towel has a meticulous sewing process. Walking along the beach, the beach towel changed into a shawl, and two vivid leopards jumped between the blue sea and sky with their feet, adding to the scenery. Two leopards are also painted on the whole cotton beach bag. They look up their heads naughtily and proudly, vividly and vividly.

Hermes'men's wear series this spring and summer is also exciting. The soft rock grey silk cotton shirt with straight collar is soft and obedient, and the gray-blue "Flores" pattern dyed with yarn is blooming, showing the gentle side of men. Lime-coated canvas windbreaker is soft and elegant, with sandy yellow cotton crepe serge narrow-legged sports trousers underneath. Simple lines depict a man's dry style, while black leather Karma sandals on the feet show a man's calm and leisurely demeanor.

In the flea market, you can buy not only classic periodicals, but also exquisite and elegant ties and men's scarves for people to pick.

Turning to an elegantly decorated study, the JEAN-MICHEL FRANK reprint furniture series stands out. The perfect combination of top-notch craftsmanship and Hermes'latest research technology can reproduce the elegance of the classic JEAN-MICHEL FRANK furniture series. The whole series has the characteristics of avant-garde and concise style, but it embodies the aesthetic concept of the 1920s. Furniture seat leather is tanned, sandblasted, waxed and polished by hand. Following that, craftsmen follow the traditional way and use skilled herringbone needle method to process the edges. And the iron part of furniture is forged by manpower just like in the past. After heating, hammering, moulding, deformation, waxing and wire drawing, the rough iron eventually transforms into a new material, perfectly matching the polished leather, and complementing the plant bristles and springs used to fill seats.