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News > Hermes bags make you realize the magnificence of life

Hermes bags make you realize the magnificence of life

Hermes'early autumn dress show, in the exotic flower bushes, wanders freely, enjoying the dream of autumn alone. Walking in the sunset with soft cashmere, the mottled light and shadows of sunset twinkle; fingertips gently touch the soft texture of leather, sewing countless calendar. In the collision of light and dark tones, the texture of the fixed frame is uniform.

There are tens of millions of fashion shows in the world. Only when you watch Hermes, the audience's line of sight is like this: first look at what they're carrying, then what they're wearing, then look at what they're walking on, and then glance at what they're wearing around their necks. Then I still remember to say in my heart, "BKC is more classic!"

Black leather has never left the stage of fashion. Compared with wearing it, its history is more appealing: whether it is the early military exclusive, locomotive uniform, or the later rock singer standard and the symbol of black power, it invariably praises courage and breaks the "rules".

This season Hermes shows us bags with different design styles. It seems that less iconic bags will be recognized. However, as simple and meticulous as ever, saddle series has become a major drama. The external lightness and intrinsic texture design are integrated into the early autumn series.

Simple and exquisite, classical and innovative, in another way, to realize the magnificence of life. Red wine, blue and black, cognac and golden orange embrace each other, leather in the light and shadow to show its true color, silently injected another interpretation of beauty.