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How much is the cheapest Hermes bag

Herms's style is very multi-Herms. The most representative of Herms is two bags. The classic Herms bags are Birkin and Kelly. The counter ranges from 780,000 to millions. Other series of LINDY bi-material series, SILKYPOP scarf handbag, Plume ELAN handbag, PARIS-BOMBAY, Mavali bag, Carrimi bag, VERLAN handbag, JYPSI RE bag, VELYNE III bag are also 340,000. Birkin is now scheduled for the fastest one and a half years in mainland China, and there are no European and American counters in stock. Orders need to be placed for more than a year. Hong Kong does not accept reservations, and not everyone can order them. So now the price of BK on the market is much higher than that of special counters, because special counters can not be bought, the most common Togo skin, TC skin, 30CM basic also need 12W, some rare colors will reach between 15W and 30W.

BIRKIN packages come in five sizes: 25, 30, 35, 40, 50. The price of each size is different. If the material of the package is cowhide, then about 60 000 of 25CM, 70 000 of 30CM, 75 000 of 35CM, 81 000 of 40CM and 90 000 of 50CM. If it is ostrich skin, the price is 100000 of 25CM and 13000 of 30CM, respectively. If it is alligator skin, the price is more than 200,000. There will also be lizard skin, which is a little more expensive than ostrich skin, but less expensive than crocodile skin!

Kelly: The Kelly bag gives people a very elegant and formal feeling. It can be applied to any formal occasion or five-star hotel. This is because the shape of Kelly's bag makes it necessary for women to maintain an upright posture when using the bag. Generally speaking, women are very fond of using this handbag. Kelly's handbag is always accompanied by money, because the price of this handbag varies from $7,500 to $25,000. The material and color of the handbag determine the price.